Battlefeel Video Competition !

As part of Battlefest Season 2, we’ve put together a competition where we want you to send us your most memorable Battlefeel video of a unique moment only possible in Battlefield 4. If you need inspiration we urge you to check out this Battlefeel compilation.

We’ll award the creators of the 10 best submissions with a copy of Battlefield 4 on the platform of their choice, together with a Battlefield 4 Premium membership for the same platform. If you already own BF4 and/or have a Premium membership, this is the perfect opportunity to gift it for the holidays.

To enter the competition, send an unlisted YouTube link of your Battlefeel video before November 24, 2014 at 9AM PT / 17:00 UTC / 18:00 CET. Be sure to enter “BATTLEFEEL VIDEO CONTEST” in the subject line and state your gaming platform.

By entering the Battlefeel Video Competition, you signify that you have read and accepted theOfficial Rules.

A DICE jury will choose the 10 best videos and the winners will be announced on the Battlefield Blog. So hit the Battlefield and return with great things. Good luck with them feels!


Community Mission: Steal 4 Million Dog Tags !

To complete the Community Mission, we want you to collectively grab 4 million dog tags using melee attacks. You know the drill, right? Sneak up on enemy infantry, perform a melee attack, wallow in malicious delight. This mission is active between Nov 25, 9AM PST and Dec 2, 2AM PST and we’ll update this post on the latter date on whether you succeeded or not.bf4-robbers-community-mission-1